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Life is about moments.  It is lived and experienced moment by moment.   On occasion, we are provided with special moments that create new opportunities for us to move forward – in life, in business, and in our local and global communities.Vireo would like to provide you with a moment to consider an emerging ground floor business opportunity that capitalizes on a new age of consumer awareness.  One where energy efficiency, performance, sustainability, and optimized design are steadily advancing and gaining strong-holds throughout the global market-place.

Vireo is establishing a presence in new markets – developed and emerging – one at a time and on a case by case basis – contingent upon timing and the ability to develop the right collaborative networks.

Our product can not only succeed, but lead, in an unlimited variety of markets and applications.  With proper care and maintenance, it will look and perform the same in 50 – 100 years as it does today.   This is not just a legacy technology, but an heirloom technology that can facilitate passing a structure down from generation to generation due to it resiliency and robustness.  Think about it – what other exterior building component offers designers, builders, and consumers all of the following?

…Thermascreen doesn’t mold, rot, decay, rust, or corrode.  It is impervious to salt water, termites, carpenter ants, fungi, and it is extremely resilient to caustic/acidic environments.   It is hydrophobic and hydrophillic, non-conductive, virtually non-expansive and non-contractive, structurally superior pound for pound versus steel, and it is nature’s virtually perfect hybrid thermal insulator.   It is GREENCORE –  primary and core components being glass and sand.  It is recyclable, renewable, and embodied energy friendly…

There are practically limitless aesthetic options for ThermaScreen finishes.   Once installed, the product super insulates structures to which it is applied.   Singularly important to many of our clients is that it provides ultimate protection against water penetration failure due to fluid mechanics principles which include pressure equalization and capillary interruption.

ThermaScreen changes not only the playing field, but the construction game in general.  How about applying the above product characteristics to SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System) technology and modular construction markets?   Which markets isn’t Thermascreen headed for?

Look around you and see the opportunities, and remember this moment.  If you act now, Vireo may be able to help you secure your distribution opportunity to introduce Thermascreen to your corner of the world.

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