Why Fiberglass Rainscreen Facade

  • Pultruded fiberglass façade assembly product which Thermally augments wall assemblies by providing an additional R12 – R25 along the exterior shell of the building – the ultimate “Outsulation” system.
  • The product design utilizes fluid mechanics to ensure instantaneous pressure equalization across the entire interior face of the exterior shell.   This neutralized cavity region creates a capillary break which is impervious to water penetration failure.
  • The product is available in a variety of finish options.  Finish options include color fast painted finishes, exo-foil laminates (metal, wood, stone, etc), liquid applied metal coatings (real copper offering full patina capability), and non-cracking ultra-light/featherweight stucco finishes.  Vireo can offer 20+ year warranties on applied exterior finish coatings.
  • Product represents ultimate SIPS!  Panels can be utilized to create modular wall assemblies for pre-assembled construction with immediately  compliant Passive Haus R-Values (Example R38).  Product is perfectly suited for pre-assembled modular construction.
  • Product is Non-Corrosive.   Fully resilient to many caustic environments – ideal for Marine/Saltwater applications. For over 40 years fiberglass boats, exposed to extreme climates and highly corrosive marine salt water environments, have proven their superiority over all other materials.
  • Product is Sustainable. In terms of performance and durability, fiberglass claddings are overkill structurally for residential projects; however, overkill means built-in durability and longevity with minimum maintenance.
  • Fiberglass is used for storage containers for acids, chemicals, and salt products and is impervious to environmental corrosive elements.
  • Product is fully UV stable.
  • Product is hydrophobic and will deter wicking and absorption.  No moisture uptake, freeze thaw damage, etc…
  • Product contains no carbon-cellulose based materials – mold and other adverse habitation will not colonize.
  • Product is perfect for agricultural applications requiring sterilization capacity – dairy, feedlot, egg farms, etc…
  • Product is impervious to termites, carpenter ants, etc…
  • Product is Non-Conductive.
  • Product has an extremely low expansion coefficient (7.5) which makes it extremely stable and resistant to expansive and contractive forces.
  • Product is exceptionally strong, with minimal deflection and no set-deformation under point loads of 200+ lbs/ft.
  • Product is extremely easy to assemble and very profitable for installation contractors.
  • Product can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Product design includes high-performance, custom window installation profile wrap for easy integration of fenestration products at thru-wall penetrations.
  • Product allows for multiple façade components to be mixed and matched within a single exterior enclosure skin.  Paint / Stucco – Eifs / Metal Panel / Laminates, etc.
  • Residential applications create “Heirloom Residences” – so robust and resilient they can be passed down from generation to generation!

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