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Vireo’s LTG (Legacy Technology Group) is a working group of like-minded and committed individuals who endeavor to contribute by developing high-performance wall assembly and fenestration technologies.    We firmly believe that by pairing advances in material science with evolving enclosure methodologies, that we can help our clients meet and exceed local and worldwide initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.   We do not perceive change or forced evolution as a threat to our business model, but rather an ally which prods us forward and encourages us to be continually more adaptive, opportunistic, and optimistic in embracing new ideas and change.

Our staff appreciates the opportunity to partner with like-minded builders, architects, engineers, and customers who have sustainability – and not just high performance – as a core value.  In working together ,we hope to make a difference which will benefit generations to come.

Vireo performs contract R&D services and selectively partners with firms working to develop new and unique enclosure and fenestration technologies.    We are comfortable working on projects that have high stakes and require expedited deliverables.   In short, we can thrive outside “The Box”, being adaptive in our approach to developing and providing unique solutions.

We would like to hear about possible opportunities for us to contribute to your team or product.  Please contact us at your convenience at 206-793-004 or use or contact page.

Vireo Partners with Inline Fiberglass

Inline Fiberglass is a world leader in the development, design and application of fiberglass pultrusion technology.  Inline’s leading product, thin walled fiberglass lineals, are used in a myriad of applications.  As a fully integrated manufacturing operation, Inline designs and pultrudes in-house standard and custom lineals.

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